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Tantric massage


Beijing tantra massage is specialized in the art of tantric massage, which includes various techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yoga, bioenergetics, and sexual therapy.


Tantric massage is a type of combination of loving touch that gently . massage in which the purpose is to achieve the couple meditation and personal well-being, helping to improve sexual relations and connection with the masseuse or partner. Learning to control your excitement, duration, and thus enjoy more satisfying and fulfilled relationships through meditation and self-control . Tantric massage has its focus on enjoying the body and sensuality. The technique is based on bodily pleasure and makes use of soft stroking, touching


And when wished for feathers and other attributes to enhance the sensual and relaxing feeling during the massage. A little harder approach is also quite common, attributes will not be used and the stroking and kneading of the body will be less soft to optimize the pleasure during the massage.In a tantric massage every part of the body will be treated. Contrary to other massage techniques tantric massage has no specific rules and can be steered into the direction the client wishes. Preferences can be discussed before the tantric massage starts to make sure the massage lives up to the expectations of the client and the masseuse. A professional masseuse can make the body and mind relaxes and makes sure the massage will be a sensual as well as a spiritual healing experience.


Our curvy female therapists and attractive male therapists are gifted with extensive experience and training on the techniques and materials used for every massage. For us, tantric  massage is an art that we have mastered, and we love entertainment, as well as to ensure that all our customers enjoy the intense feelings and pleasures offered by our tantric massage.


Our biggest commitment is to offer unique feelings through our quality massages, to awaken all your senses and to bring relaxing experiences… unforgettable and pleasant experiences!


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